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Tips to Obtain An Accurate Metal Fabrication Project Quote

Posted by CAMM Metals on Jan 8, 2019 11:08:40 AM

Depositphotos_212973884_m-2015 All too often, it can be quite tempting to send your initial parts drawings to a metal fabrication company for a quick estimate to get the ball rolling on your next project. Perhaps you are seeking to gain a general idea on what your project might cost or you are facing a deadline and need to get something for your customer to review.

It’s crucial to recognize that the accuracy of your fabrication project estimate is only as accurate as the drawings you provide. For an accurate estimate, it’s critical that you provide as much information as you can. This blog post will explore why it's important to provide a fabrication company with detailed parts drawings and specifications when seeking a quote for your fabrication project.

Detailed Plans Help Fabricators to Establish an Accurate Estimate

When you are shopping around to receive a quote from a reputable fabrication company, it’s easy to become tempted to pick up the phone and expect a company to provide you with a quick response. However, this approach can lead to potential issues with your project in the future.

Ultimately, the most accurate estimates come from projects where the fabrication company and client work together with final drawings. In the end, final drawings can help a fabricators to assess the overall project. After all, consider how many revisions can happen between getting an estimate and a final drawing. If you want to keep your project costs down while having a proper budget, its’ crucial that you have final drawings for an accurate assessment and estimate.

Detailed Drawings Help Fabricators to Offer Suggestions and Alternative Materials

Here at CAMM Metals, we typically suggest final drawings that are composed by or have been reviewed by an engineer for proper function and safety. If you have final drawings, we can provide a quote for all the materials, labor, and equipment costs with relative confidence.

Any experienced metal fabrication company with a history of working on projects similar to yours can make suggestions that may save time on production or even suggested alternatives for materials used. They can even suggest a type of finish that is more durable or cost-effective for your project. Submitting detailed final drawings will help you to leverage the knowledge of skilled fabrication estimators.

Detailed Drawings Can Help Metal Fabricators Establish Timelines and Planning

It’s not surprising: proper planning will ultimately lead to a better end product. By providing detailed project plans to a metal fabrication company, you can help provide ample lead time for the fabrication company to plan the project properly.

Offering nuanced details will help the metal fabrication company to plan for having the right members of their team available to work on your project. Beyond that, the metal fabrication company will have the time necessary to order all necessary materials ahead of time and ensure that all codes referenced are accurate.

Supplying the fabricator with final drawings, rather than initial drawings that will be revised, will eliminate many of the fallbacks that often occur with poor planning.

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The best way to ensure an accurate metal fabrication project estimate is to start off with detailed, accurate product information. Plan ahead and communicate effectively, and you’re project is set for smooth sailing. Contact CAMM Metals and we would be happy to offer a free estimate on your next project.

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