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4 Common Misconceptions About Pricing for Metal Fabrication

Posted by CAMM Metals on Feb 19, 2019 12:39:00 PM

Depositphotos_28800549_m-2015If you’re searching for a metal fabrication company to help complete your latest project, it’s essential that you understand how to acquire an accurate estimate.

If you’re saddled with a vague understanding of your project, it’s possible that you could get burned on an estimate. Whether you’re seeking to hire a team for a small done-in-a-day welding project or a nuanced and lengthy metal fabrication project, steer clear of these common misconceptions to get the most accurate estimate.

Every Metal Fabrication Shop Has Design Capabilities

There are many companies who can take a prototype through production, however, what if you need some design services? Of course, not all metal fabrication companies offer design services or provide the map one of their core competencies. Regardless of whether you need design services, it’s important to understand whether the company has the capability to follow through in the event that you do need them.

Ask the company in consideration whether they have the ability to work based on a drawing (digital or printed) as well as whether they can translate drawings to shop drawings. Are they capable of starting from scratch without the help of an initial design provided? Getting the answers to these questions eases communications with supply partners throughout the entire process. And, if you wrongly assume that your prospective partner has design capabilities when they in fact do not, you will inevitably waste money and time.

A Simple RFQ Process is Beneficial

The details that vendors seek in a quote are factors that have a definitive impact on pricing. Whether its the characteristics of the part isle and the quantify needed or the material and its source— all of these things affect how a part will be produced and at what cost. As you may know, there are occasions when the buyer who completes the cutting quote is a third party, not the manufacturer or the engineer who designed the part.

Sometimes the buyer is a purchasing agent who is unaware of all the design details and the nuances of the part specifications. Ideally, an RFQ helps any buyer gather the information necessary to guide them through the process. If the company that you are looking into doesn’t have a detailed RFQ process, it’s a big concern and could cost you money in the long run.

Every Fabrication Shop is Adept at Working With All Materials

It’s critical that you understand and effectively communicate the size, weight and volume of the materials for the final fabricated product— avoiding questions inherently tied to your materials will cause inaccuracies in your estimates.While it’s important to be as specific as possible with your material information, it’s also worthwhile to consider how the fabrication company’s talent aligns with your project scope.

Certain companies specialize in the different material types so it’s important to know not just what your potential supply base is capable of, but also what each supplier is known for and specializes in.  Some of the most common raw materials used by metal fabrication companies include plate metal, formed or expanded metal, welding wire or rod, casting, etc.

The Lowest Bid Will Result in the Lowest Cost Option

One major factor you have to consider at all times is the cost of manufacturing the product; however, this does not exist in isolation. It’s critical that you look at the cost of the entire value chain to avoid incurring invisible costs that come by focusing solely on the custom metal fabricator’s quote. Beyond this, make sure you read the fine print on every quote you are considering. Some custom metal fabrication companies will offer a low manufacturing quote, and then find ways to include additional costs to you, hidden under fees and charges. In addition, late deliveries and poor quality can cost you a lot of extra money at the job site. 

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