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When is it Appropriate to Use Stainless Steel Grain Finish?

Posted by CAMM Metals on Mar 15, 2018 11:00:00 AM

Depositphotos_3411901_original-min.jpgStainless steel has a wide variety of applications and a range of finishes to choose from. Each type of finish is well suited to different types of projects. A grain finish will be coarser with visible grains. It will lack a shiny or mirrored finish, causing it to hold up to wear and tear over time. Here are some of the main applications for stainless steel grain finish!

Industrial Applications With Heavy Traffic

Stainless steel grain finish is a great option for industrial applications with heavy traffic such as elevator wall panels and escalator parts. The material will maintain an attractive appearance through years of wear and tear, making it ideal for heavy use. Additionally, its dull sheen makes scratches and other damage not easily visible. Stainless steel grain finish is a great option for industrial applications that have heavy usage because it will hold up over time and maintain its attractive appearance.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

The visible grain of this type of finish provides various spots for bacteria to hide. For this reason, stainless steel grain finish is not used in manufacturing high-grade food or chemical products. However, it is a great finish for the protective panels and setup around the machinery used in food and beverage manufacturing. It provides a sturdy material that will not be easily damaged, Although a grain finish will not provide the sanitation necessary for high-grade food products, it is the ideal finish for the panels that will protective workers during the manufacturing process.

Commercial Machinery and Equipment

Stainless steel grain finish can be very usual in the manufacturing of commercial machinery and equipment that is not designed for highly porous materials. It is durable, making it unlikely to become damage. It is also easy to clean and will be less expensive than a more involved finish. Because of these features, this finish is a great option for equipment for clothing or scientific equipment.

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