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What Industries Depend on Metal Fabrication?

Posted by CAMM Metals on Aug 18, 2017 11:53:00 AM

Metal fabrication is an important and versatile service. Many industries that you wouldn't expect rely on metal fabrication in order to function and keep operations running smoothly. Here is a list of various industries that depend on metal fabrication.

wind turbines


The mining industry depends on metal fabrication for various equipment. Miners need equipment that will run safely and efficiently under extreme conditions. For this reason, precise and effective fabrication is essential. Equipment such as mine cars, machinery, and belt drives all make use of metal fabrication.


The energy industry depends on metal fabrication for various applications. Oil and gas platforms as well as pipelines all need to be fabricated. Renewable energy sources such as wind turbines depend on metal fabrication as well.


In the construction industry, it's important that pieces such as bolts, screws, nuts, springs, and wires are precise, so that they can fit perfectly. For this reason, precise metal fabrication is required. Construction also relies on metal fabrication for the creation of hardware and handtools.


The automotive industry utilizes metal fabrication in order to create pieces to put together automobiles. The tools used in assembly often rely on metal fabrication as well.


Aircrafts and the aerospace industry depend on metal fabrication. Many of the different parts on an aircraft and aerospace equipment utilize metal fabrication. It is important that these pieces are crafted precisely and accurately because they experience immense pressure and heat.


Although many people think of more industrial applications for metal fabrication, there are medical applications as well. Medical tools need to be very precise because they have such important applications. For this reason, effective metal fabrication is key to the success of these tools.


There are many different appliances that depend on metal fabrication. Various household appliances such as washing machines have metal parts. These parts need to be constructed properly to ensure that the appliance functions properly.


The transportation industry depends on metal fabrication. Trains and ships have many intricate parts that need precise metal fabrication to function properly. Items such as railways and anchor chains also need fabrication services to create accurate products.

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