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What are the Benefits of a Certified Welding Inspector?

Posted by CAMM Metals on Nov 17, 2017 11:30:00 AM

Certified Weld InspectorCertified Weld Inspectors are an incredibly useful and valuable asset for metal fabricators. Their presence is quite beneficial for any company hiring the fabricators that bring them on board. As you may know, welding is one of the most complex services within the metal fabrication industry. The outcome of every welding project is highly dependent upon individual welder skill. Certified weld inspectors (CWIs) undergo specialized training and certification, helping them to offer a master's depth of welding expertise. There's no doubt that CWIs help to uphold greater levels of consistency and quality to the welding departments they oversee. This blog post provides a brief overview of the main benefits of working with a metal fabrication company that employs certified weld inspectors.

Unparalleled Knowledge of Compliance and Welding Codes

 It’s not surprising that most high-profile industries will require you to hire certified welding inspectors to oversee welding. The reasoning for this is simple: hiring a CWI will minimize risk in what is traditionally seen as a somewhat risky industry.

Certified welding inspectors have years of experience and thus, they understand the nuances of compliance with welding codes. Following the welding process, CWIs can conduct a series of test to check the quality of a weld, including visual inspection, heat treatment and a hydrostatic test. They can also make the proper adjustments to the pre-weld preparation and the in-weld procedures as necessary. Thus, the presence of a CWI can dramatically reduce the rate of error for welds.

An in-house certified welding inspector will be able to guarantee that your project is tailored to all the requirements of relevant welding codes, ensuring its quality.

Creation of Welding Procedure Specifications

Welding inspectors can review welding procedure specifications, building and welding plans, equipment calibration and welding materials. A welding inspectors ability to provide welding procedure specifications offers the metal fabrication company a considerable edge of the competition, allowing fabricators to design welds that best suit individual parts, instead of using tried-and-true welds.

OEMs that hire metal fabricators with CWIs can be reassured that welds are suited for their specific parts while still meeting all quality standards. As previously mentioned, a CWI is not only responsible fore writing the procedures for the weld, but also the quality-check testing procedures. Beyond that, welding inspectors work to ensure that equipment is properly prepped for the job and that welders are able to complete their welds with competence.

Quality Assurance

A certified welding inspector will have had many years of experience, which a metal fabrication company can leverage to ensure stellar outcomes for all fabrication projects that involve welding. Welding inspectors will have witnessed different drawbacks and successes and the lessons they have learned form them will help your business to stay away from costly reworks.

This is why it’s crucial to find a welding company with an experienced and highly trained in-house certified welding inspector on staff. Fortunately, CAMM metals is such a business, so contact us today if you have an upcoming project that requires quality custom welding!

CAMM Metals | MIG and TIG Welding Services in CT

It’s clear that a custom metal fabrication vendor with in-house CWIs has committed to investing in the quality of its welds. Ultimately, partnering with CWIs will yield more productivity, higher-quality parts and fewer reworks. Furthermore, some industries require CWIs to be involved in the manufacturing of parts. In the end, CWIs assume quite a bit of responsibility, yet their experience shows in the final product.

Here at CAMM Metals, after the welding portion of the project is complete, we offer many in-house services. These services include weld inspection with dye penetrant, acid cleaning and polishing of stainless steel welds. Additionally, we are also able to weld and test watertight enclosures.  For those customers who require certified welds, we can certify our welds to AWS D1.1 & AWS D1.6.
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