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How Can a Metal Fabrication Company Save You Money?

Posted by CAMM Metals on Oct 6, 2017 12:36:00 PM

How Can a Metal Fabrication Company Save You Money?Are you having a difficult time stretching the budget for your next metal fabrication project? We understand. Professional metal fabrication projects can be expensive, depending on the cost of tooling, labor and sheet metal. There is a lot of pressure to keep costs down to maximize your return on investment. Your choice of a metal fabrication partner could end up being the solution to minimizing your metal fabrication costs, while still receiving a high-quality product.

This blog post examines several ways your metal fabricator can help you to control costs, contribute to sales growth, and improve profit margins.

Mill-Direct Savings

Some metal fabrication companies purchase mill-direct supplies, meaning that they are able to negotiate material costs on their client’s behalf. Not only can these fabricators negotiate on better prices, but also better products. Their relationship and experience with these mills allows you to directly benefit without having to do the heavy lifting. If they buy mill-direct, this also means they have the means to buy, ship, store and process the steel.

A Variety of Fabrication Techniques

The amount of money you can save with a metal fabrication partner can also depend greatly on the process necessary to complete your project. If you have always stuck to the same fabrication technique, it could be worth it to discuss alternatives with a fabricator. For example, roll forming is a great technique used to perform secondary operations in-line, saving you money on additional equipment and processing. At CAMM Metals, we offer a wide variety of metal fabrication techniques to ensure that we can complete our client’s projects on-time and within budget, producing the  highest quality products. 

In-House Engineers Can Help Optimize Your Design

If at all possible, look for a metal fabrication partner who employees in-house engineers, offering design services. Typically, these engineers have specialized skills and experience specific to the fabrication process you choose. They can work to help you optimize your design through material choices and in-line processing recommendations you may not be aware are possible.

Having in-house engineers available to work on your projects adds more perspective, which could help reduce your material, production and shipping costs. Without these engineers, your project will still be completed to your specifications; however, this means that if you have any mistakes in your design, they will be apparent in the final product.

Local Fabricators Can Offer Additional Cost Savings

Proximity is the single biggest advantage that you get with deciding to partner with a local metal fabricator. It means that if you want to make sure the facilities are up to your satisfaction, it’s right in the area, rather than requiring a coordinated, expensive and time-consuming trip to another part of the world in order to tour the facilities and ensure they are to your satisfaction.

A local business means that meetings are easier to conduct and coordinate, whether by phone, or an actual face-to-face meeting, which is often more productive and easier to do on a regular basis. It means you’ll be able to go into much greater detail about plans and business goals, and when any sudden adjustments need to be made, or an unexpected problem comes up, solving it together is much easier to do.

All you have to do make sure you find the right partner is be clear about your goals and what materials you want to work with. Then line that up with the local metal fabricator that has the experience and the capabilities to do what you need. Done right, this can be a fruitful, long term business partnership.

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It's crucial to do your research when choosing a metal fabrication, as not all companies are capable of completing the same quality of work. CAMM Metals has years of experience, honing our skills across the board to deliver a quality product and measurable bottom line value to our customers.

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