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A Brief Overview: How CNC Milling Machines Have Changed in Recent Years

Posted by CAMM Metals on Aug 9, 2018 10:15:00 AM

cnc machineThe development of CNC machines revolutionized the manufacturing industry. Automation and programming have led to a simpler and more accurate manufacturing process. As technology has improved in recent years, CNC machines have become more advanced and are better able to carry out their functions. Read below to learn about some of the ways that CNC milling machines have changed and improved in recent years.

Prices and Quality

As CNC machines become more popular, more and more companies have started manufacturing with CNC milling machines. The result of this increase is a dramatic drop in prices, allowing even small operations and shops to own CNC machines. The increase in manufacturing has also improved the overall quality of the parts, leading to better controllers and frames. Expected newer versions will even have closed stepper motors and be more pocket friendly as well as easier to install. Because of their closed loops, they will continue to run faster with more power.

Smart Nature

As artificial intelligence improves, CNC systems become smarter. The smarter these machines become, the easier they are to program and control because they learn from their mistakes. CNC milling machines can now adapt to highly flexible production processes. Maintenance is made easier because they can self-diagnose issues and repairs. Instead of needing an operator to diagnose problems and repair them, the CNC's can do the work themselves.

Remote Operation

With advancements in CNC's, they can now be operated and monitored remotely. Diagnosing faults and adjusting issues can be done remotely, as well as all monitoring capabilities. When there are issues with the machine, you can even receive alerts straight to your smartphone. Remote operation is especially valuable for large-scale operations in which workers might not have a lot of time to spend on CNC operations.


As CNC technology improves, the machines and routers can operate at higher speeds. Because of the 64-bit microprocessors, the moving accuracy of the machines improves. The result of this improved moving accuracy is improved processing quality. Because AI has led to the ability to self-diagnose problems and learn from mistakes, CNC machines make fewer errors, leading to improved efficiency and better quality products.

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