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4 Reasons to Avoid the Cheapest Metal Fabrication Quote

Posted by CAMM Metals on Sep 11, 2019 11:15:00 AM

When searching for a company to handle your metal fabrication project, cost is a major factor. You might be tempted to choose the lowest quote you find in order to save money. However, cheaper isn’t always better with these quotes. Unfortunately, you’ll often find that the lowest quote, especially a quote significantly lower than all other quotes, will cost you more in the long run. Here are some of the reasons you shouldn’t always choose the cheapest metal fabrication quote.

All Fabrication Companies Are Not Equal

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when choosing a metal fabrication company is assuming that all companies are equal. If this were the case, the cheapest quote would be the best quote. However, companies have different levels of experience and different qualifications. Different companies will also have different scales of operations, which can often affect the speed at which your project is finished. It’s important to choose a company with enough experience to get your job don’t right.

Reasons for a Low Bid

A low bid is often attractive, as we all like to save money. However, it’s important to find out why the bid is so low. In some cases, the big might be lower because certain scope items could have been missed. A less experienced company might also underestimate the complexities of the job. Additionally, one of the most concerning reasons a bid might be low is that the company undervalues craftsmanship and its employees, paying them lower wages than they deserve.

Hidden Costs of a Low Bid

In addition to the questionable reasons a company might have a low bid, you will probably encounter hidden costs. One of the biggest costs of a low priced fabrication project is sloppy workmanship that leads to a poor appearance of your project. In some cases, you might end up with a project that does not work, often failing just past the warranty period. Another hidden cost of a low big could be wasted time, whether it’s the result of poor time management or time wasted getting inexperienced workers up to speed. At the end of the day, a low bid could cost you more.

Don’t Settle

Although you might be tempted by a low quote on your metal fabrication project, you really shouldn’t settle. If you’re looking for quality work, you need a quality company. Of course, cost should be a factor and you should never overpay for services. However, you should not settle for a subpar metal fabrication company simply because of a low bid. For the best possible outcome on your project, don’t settle for the cheapest quote.

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