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4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Obtaining a Metal Fabrication Quote

Posted by CAMM Metals on Sep 25, 2017 1:01:00 PM

Metal Fabrication CompanyIf you’re searching for a metal fabrication company to help complete your latest project, it’s essential that you understand how to acquire an accurate estimate.

If you’re saddled with a vague understanding of your project, it’s possible that you could get burned on an estimate. Whether you’re seeking to hire a team for a small done-in-a-day welding project or a nuanced and lengthy metal fabrication project, steer clear of these mistakes to get the most accurate estimate.

Absence of Accurate Part Drawings

This is one of the most common mistakes made when seeking an accurate fabrication quote. A lack of accurate drawings can have serious consequences throughout your project, as you don’t want to be making changes and additions later in the project— it will almost always cost more and take longer than if you had an accurate part drawing from the start. Working with an engineer or designer to finalize and complete accurate drawings of your project is invaluable.

Material Problems

It’s critical that you understand and effectively communicate the size, weight and volume of the materials for the final fabricated product— avoiding questions inherently tied to your materials will cause inaccuracies in your estimates.While it’s important to be as specific as possible with your material information, it’s also worthwhile to consider how the fabrication company’s talent aligns with your project scope.

Certain companies specialize in the different material types so it’s important to know not just what your potential supply base is capable of, but also what each supplier is known for and specializes in.  Some of the most common raw materials used by metal fabrication companies include plate metal, formed or expanded metal, welding wire or rod, casting, etc.

Not Accounting for Finishing Touches

Many fabrication projects have specific requirements for the finish, which may note be represented in a generic fabrication estimate form. Take the time to research and speak with project managers to determine what needs to be done to your final project after the fabrication.

Does your part need paint, epoxy, or special coatings? Be sure to outline these details in any fabrication estimate. Neglecting to properly plan for your product’s finish can inevitably cause estimates which are inaccurate in both cost and timing; after all, you don’t want to plan on a final completion date and reach it only to realize your project lacks a critical finishing touch.

Forgetting to Plan for Product Delivery

It’s not discussed as much as it should be, but product delivery can be a tedious and complicated matter if it’s not planned out ahead of time. As you can imagine, any miscommunication about how a project will arrive at its final destination can cause trouble quickly; of course, this applies more so to large projects.

So, before you fill out a form for an estimate or speak to a company representative, consider this: do you know where your completed fabricated product needs to go and how it’s going to get there? Some fabrication companies can handle the delivery for you, but if they can’t, it’s important to settle the question right away. Some companies outsource their deliveries, or it’s entirely possible that you your own delivery source.

If you’re not receiving the project as a delivery and intend to receive it directly from the fabrication company, be sure to make the directions crystal clear, detailing the destination, expected time frame and any special precautions.

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The best way to ensure an accurate metal fabrication project estimate is to start off with detailed, accurate product information. Plan ahead and communicate effectively, and you’re project is set for smooth sailing. Contact CAMM Metals and we would be happy to offer a free estimate on your next project.

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